Cake Pop Stand

Besides enjoying the delicious cakepops themselves, we understand that a necessary component for many of our customers when it comes to including cakepops in their events is displaying the cakepops in a visually engaging manner which not only accents their dessert tables, but also makes accessing the cakepops a fun experience for their guests.

Our cake pops stands are made out of wood and compost, for three (3) detachable trays which together hold 125 cake pops!

Here are the dimensions:
top tray: 12x12, holds 61 cake pops;
middle tray: 14x14, holds 28 cake pops;
bottom tray: 16x16, holds 36 cake pops.

The trays can be used to hold the regular cake too - a cake surrounded by cakepops!

Rental Fee:

Each cake pops tray has $20 rental fee and must be returned within 2 days unless other arrangements have been made.

In addition to the rental fee, there is a $50 cash deposit for each tray that will be refunded once the cake stands are returned in the same condition.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

If you would like to make your own display, check out our tutorial here

Imagination Designs
Images from VNdigitalart and Lovelytcu