Besides using a cake pop stand, there is an easy and tasteful alternative method in making displays for your cakepops, which we hope to describe here.

STEP #1 - Go to a craft store like Michael's, Joann's, or Beverly's and purchase styrofoam blocks, as seen here:

And, purchase tissue paper (or gift paper), according to any color scheme of your party:

STEP #2 - Completely wrap the styrofoam blocks in the paper.  If desired, a ribbon may be tied around the block horizontally or vertically for accent.

STEP #3 - Insert the bottoms of the cakepop sticks into the tops of the blocks wrapped in tissue paper. You will have to apply a little pressure as you puncture the tips of the cakepop sticks through the tissue paper and surface of the styrofoam blocks, to a depth of about one inch into the tops of the styrofoam blocks.  You may implement different designs when inserting the cakepop sticks into the styrofoam, e.g., straight up and down, in rows, or arranged at different angles in a somewhat symmetrical design as in a floral bouquet.

Here are some finished displays, including one with pushpops:

And, here is what happens when you carve off the sides of a styrofoam block before wrapping it in tissue paper, making it fit in another container (small pot, gift box), and then inserting the cakepops into it.

And, here is what happens when you place the cake pops in a vase or bowl and use anything that matches your party's theme (shredded paper, small marbles or pebbles, gumballs, etc.) as filler to surround or uphold the bottoms of the cakepop sticks within the vase or bowl.

 We hope this helps.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Imagination Designs
Images from VNdigitalart and Lovelytcu