1) Do you make character-themed cakepops?
Due to copyright laws, we are unable to make cakepops shaped as licensed characters (i.e., Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon..etc.), unless you have express written permission from the copyright owner.  
More information here.

2) So, how may I acquire cake pops that match my party's theme?
One way is by decorating the cake pops with licensed edible decorations which illustrate your party's theme (see our Pinterest page) or by decorating the cake pops with the character's color scheme.

3) Do you make cake pops of other shapes like hearts or eggs?
Yes. An extra charge will apply.

4) D you offer paper straw, blings or wood sticks?
Yes, but due the variety of colors and design we do not keep it in stock, so you need to contact us well ahead of time (i.e., two weeks) before your event.

5) Do you delivey?
We offer charged delivery.

6) Do you help set up displays?
Yes. We will be happy to help set up displays for your party. An extra charge will apply.

7) Do you rent displays?
Yes! For more information please read our page here.

8) Do you make displays?
Not anymore, we have found a nicer and economical way to display our pops! Check out our eco-friendly boxes here.

9) How may I expect my order to be packaged when I pick it up?
Your cake pops will be carefully arranged in a cake box.  (See photos below)

10) Do you have a permit?
Yes, we have a CFO Environmental Health Permit, issued by Santa Clara County.

11) Can I stop by your shop and have some samples?
We bake per order only, meaning we do not have mini-desserts available on hand.

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Images from VNdigitalart and Lovelytcu