How to Order

Please make sure to read our disclaimer page before ordering!

Since each order is custom-made, we ask for at least a one-week notice beforehand.  (This one-week notice applies to our standard type of order for any flavor cake, any color coating, and any color drizzle.  If you desire to order any design besides our standard type of order - like of something design you have seen online - please send us a picture of the type of design you have in mind.  In such cases, more than a week's notices may be necessary.)

For each order {large or small} we prefer to generate a custom quote rather than have an online shop.  Simply contact us through email.

We can give you a quote within 24 hours by giving us details on the following.
1. What is the occasion & date?
2. What is the quantity (per order) you are interested in for each: {cake pops or chocolate dipped sandwich cookies}?
3. Flavors?
4. Coating/drizzle/ribbon colors for cake pops or chocolate dipped cookie;
     4a Standing or upside-down? (for cakepops only)
5. Contact Name, phone number & email address.

Please allow one week notice on any order.  Notice of less than one week will likely limit your options, and we cannot guarantee in such cases that we will be able to take your order.

There may be an additional $5 per dozen rush fee for orders requested less than one week in advance.

 After we receive your online order we will contact you soon!
If you have a questions regarding custom order or qty, feel free to contact us.

** We do NOT accept checks**

If you would like, payments can be accepted ahead of time via PayPal prior to the production of the mini desserts. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to pay this way.

Any large orders of over $100 require a non-refundable deposit.

Please also note that we do not refund any payment - whether it be a deposit or payment in full - if the cakepops for which the payment is made are never picked up.  Each customer's cakepops are made-to-order and we have no use for them, nor do other customers, if they are never picked up.

Because of the numerous inquires we receive, all communication is done through email as it is the fastest form for us.  We reply to all emails in 24 hours of receiving them. 

Imagination Designs
Images from VNdigitalart and Lovelytcu